Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm John Espiritu, a professional software engineer based in Makati, Philippines. I primarily develop and maintain websites and web-based applications.

You can find me as hikari (HKRI★, ひかり★, hkri) or johnillo in-game and on the Internet. I was a Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune player, and the 5-character limit started me to use hkri.

See this page for info about my computing environment and practices.

Why make yet another blog?

95% of blogs on the interweb are being abandoned and forgotten. I tried blogging (on Tumblr) years back, and doing it just for the sake of popularity and attention doesn't just work. Also, I'm not an aspiring writer.

Recently, I felt the need to document the experiences and knowledge I accumulate as my life goes on, so I made this self-hosted blog. I made it public, hoping that some of my insights and articles will be helpful to some people. For very personal stuff, I keep a private journal in my encrypted drives.

Sharing and commenting on posts

No "like" or "share" buttons here because I don't like the invasion of privacy of social networking services (SNS). However, feel free to share the URL of the article you like on your page or feed.

I didn't make this blog for social interactions. Please send me an email if you have any feedback.




I'm currently not available for hiring or freelance work. If you want to say hi or anything, feel free to drop an email to [email protected].

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